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The Treatment of Acute Anxiety with Homeopathy - 2 Case Examples

Anxiety is one of the most common psychological conditions worldwide. Many people suffer from anxiety because of stress at home or work, and some suffer from panic attacks and anxiety even though there is no obvious stress that can identify as causing it. Psychotherapy is helpful in finding coping mechanisms but often will not completely eliminate the problem.

Homeopathy treatment can help make the difference in many cases of anxiety. It helps patients identify the inner pattern of their anxiety and uses natural remedies to help them overcome it. It helps patients re-establish emotional balance, even in the midst of stressful life events. Here, we present 2 cases example of how homeopathy can help alleviate anxiety.

Aconitum - The Homeopathic Remedy

Anxiety summarizes the feeling of being out of control, nervous and distressed. Acute anxiety can be a short, intense and healthy reaction to a life situation that poses danger or threat. Imagine yourself running out of air or losing much blood, you will naturally fear the cutting of your lifeline.

But what if anxiety takes over, interferes with your ability to keep your cool and therefore aggravates the crisis situation? Or what if you are plagued by anxiety when there is no real threat? Homeopathy offers a natural and quick acting solution without side effects. Keep this remedy, Aconitum napellus in your first aid kit. It will help you in many emergency situations.

Here are 2 short cases where the homeopathic remedy Aconitum swiftly and gently removed acute anxiety and set the patient on the path of healing.

Aconitum Case 1: Will I Bleed to my Death?

A friend called whose wife was bleeding from the nose. She was mortified and in fear of death. 3 days before, she went to the market, did not feel well and on returning home, blood had started flowing from her nose like water from the tap. Pinching her nose made blood run into her mouth.

At the hospital she was helped and medicated. The bleeding stopped only to return even stronger after 3 day. This is when she started to panic. After a second visit to the emergency room, I received a phone call. Though the bleeding was stopped again, her anxiety about dying became overwhelming and prevented her from falling asleep.

I prescribed Aconitum and within the same day my patient had calmed down. She began to trust her doctor who could not find any major pathological condition when examining her. Besides its capacity to ease fear, anxiety and shock, Aconitum has anti-hemorrhaging qualities, which also makes it a great remedy to employ in accidents.

My patient's repeated nose bleeds stopped and I could then further treat her propensity to abnormal bleeding with a constitutional remedy. She has not had one incident of abnormal bleeding since then.

Aconitum for Shock and Sudden Anxiety or Fear

Aconitum napellus constitutes one of the main remedies of the homeopathic first aid kit. It helps in acute situations where a sudden and violent onset of complaints is coupled with fear or anxiety. It is also very beneficial in shock situations.

Every mother greatly benefits from having this remedy on hand at home. It comes in handy as a first aid remedy for many children complaints, especially those with sudden onset. Whether it be for an earache after the child was playing outside on a cool afternoon or after a wasp sting, it eases anxiety immediately.

Aconitum Case 2: I Can't Catch my Breath!

Croup is another example where anxiety can interfere with healing. It is an acute inflammation of the airways that is usually caused by a virus and susceptible children can catch it at an early age. The child may wake up at midnight with a barking cough, a hoarse voice, and a high pitch sound when breathing in. This sound is called a stridor and can feel alarming.

The voice box is inflamed and swollen and it restricts the airflow. The child labors with breathing and the mother gets nervous grappling to understand the situation. This happened to me and three of my children. Aconitum given at this moment works miracles. Not only will it calm down the child within 10 minutes after intake, but it will also deal with the inflammation and throat constriction. I have seen this many times.

After 2 doses of Aconitum the child relaxes and may fall asleep calmly. The following day other remedies will then be needed for resolving the ensuing cough.

I Treat Anxiety Naturally with Homeopathy

For questions regarding the natural treatment of anxiety, contact Classical Homeopathy Ottawa. I am also trained to recognize and deal with Anxiety Disorders that are different in nature: long lasting, disabling and affecting the ability to cope with life normally. Whether you present with acute or chronic anxiety I will help you regain your natural poise, calmness and trust in the great spectacle called life.

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