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My personal healing journey with Lyme Disease in Ontario

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Lyme disease can be naturally cured with homeopathic remedies, vitamins, acupuncture, herbal tinctures and perhaps by learning a life lesson of a spiritual nature. I stand witness to this and follow now the heart call to share my insights with my fellow-kin dealing with similar conditions. May you, dear reader, become inspired to heal holistically by respecting your individual needs and requirements that express on all levels of your being.

I studied Microbiology in the 80s, later working in the field as a researcher. Borrelia burdorferi had just been discovered to be the infecting agent of Lyme Disease. I wrote my master thesis on antigenic properties of Borrelia burgdorferi, to consequently realize I had contracted Borreliosis myself as a teenager with Erythema migrans and a few other symptoms developing over time.

Fortunately, for reasons unrelated to Lyme, I had taken several rounds of antibiotics and the odd naturopathic remedy and Lyme never came to its full expression. For many years to come, I was able to enjoy strong health and vitality. However, this changed last year in the summer of 2020 when I woke up from a day of gardening with a black tick attached to the crease of my left elbow causing a slight itch at the injection site. I quickly removed it from the skin as if swiftness would prevent any further harm.

I had been bitten by ticks before in Ontario and the eastern coast of the US without consequence and so had the rest of my family. But this time, the itch remained. No bull’s eye rash developed, only a diffuse red spot on the site of the bite. Within days the itch and redness of the skin spread upwards along my arm. My axillary lymph nodes started to feel sore and a week later I noticed stitching pain in the heart.

By now I knew I had to get a Lyme test done. I wanted antibiotics to prevent the spread of pathogens to other organs and tissues. The doctor at the walk-in clinic was courteous enough to have my blood tested for antibodies against Borrelia. A week later the test came back negative for Lyme Infection. Although it is known that in the first three weeks after infection, the test only detects Lyme 29 to 40 percent of the time (Caruso, C.), my doctor still did not find it reason enough to prescribe antibiotics.

I knew I had a tick-related infection that was not harmless. Initial symptoms did not pass as I expected but grew worse. I experienced raised but subclinical temperatures, pain in my left lymph nodes, slight headaches, fatigue, weakness, and heart stitches. I was so weak I gave up midway on the trail I usually walk. More symptoms would appear over the following months that first seemed unrelated. I did not pay much attention to them, as I was used to my body dealing with challenges by itself. But at one point this cascading series of health problems overwhelmed me with inflammation, skin lesions, stitching pain in extremities, hip pain, swelling in hands, frozen shoulder, nerve pain, disabling me to the extent where I depended on help to get dressed. My irrational hope for spontaneous healing faded and morphed into a pursuit of treating myself with homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathic remedies, vitamin C, herbal tinctures, and acupuncture were the ultimate treatments in helping me tackle this challenging affliction within less than a year of infection. I have learned to recognize seemingly unrelated symptoms that can be traced back to Lyme and I have learned to understand the gravity these symptoms present, no matter the degree of severity symptoms display.

Everyone is different and so will be the expression of this disease. One thing these symptoms have in common: there is an infection in the body that escapes the immune system and acts up at times when the immune system is low. This calls for a treatment that respects the differences and various needs of people as individuals and not as sick bodies. Sometimes I wonder how life arranged for me to be dealing with Lyme at various stages of my life.

Without a doubt, I have learned my lesson now, and what are lessons learned worth if they are not being shared?

I am a licensed homeopath and offer helpful advice and treatment for Lyme and Post Lyme syndrome at Classical Homeopathy Ottawa.


Caruso, Catherine. “Tests for Lyme disease miss many early cases”. StatNews. June 28, 2017.

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