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Homeopathy activates three levels of healing

The three levels of healing demonstrated in a case of cystitis


Level one 

A one-time occurrence of cystitis may be healed with Mannose, baking soda and drinking plenty of water. This is a treatment that addresses purely the physical level. Most of the natural healing modalities operate on this as well as on the corresponding energetic level successfully.

Duration: The urinary tract infection may be gone within a very short time and not return at all. 


Level two 

Recurrent cystitis will fail such kind of treatment. When the body’s defences are weakened Homeopathy looks at the underlying psychological condition. Is there a feeling of indignation, unworthiness, inadequacy and emotional neglect? If yes, then this may indicate a plant remedy, e.g. Staphysagria. For another patient, there may be jealousy, industriousness, the need for recognition and the drive to be the best of the team part of his/her psychological make-up. This may call for an animal remedy. Further individualizing symptoms need to be considered for a good prescription. 


A homeopathic treatment on this level involves the mental-emotional body. Patients in homeopathic treatment return for their follow-ups with new perspectives, mental clarity and lighter attitude. The energy of a healing person is more alive, sleep is deeper and life becomes more buoyant.

Duration: Successful healing on this level may involve one month to a year, dependent on the severity of the illness. 


Level three

There is also a spiritual dimension to homeopathic healing. Homeopathic treatments clear mental-emotional blockages such as restricting beliefs, and limiting thoughts. As a result, improved overall well-being, contentment with oneself, and joy returns to people’s lives. 

The service I provide at Classical Homeopathy Ottawa, aims at the highest intentions for your healing and well being.

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