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Welcome to my holistic healing space

I meet my patients with compassion, peace, mindfulness and an understanding of the urgency of their presenting health problems. Every new patient brings a unique life story and a set of symptoms that requires individual attention and a special interest in the expression of her/his disease. Not unlike a detective, I look out for guiding symptoms that lead me to the right remedies.


My role as a holistic healer has various aspects. Primary emphasis is always given to healing your immediate health complaints. 

For patients presenting with an acute and temporary health issue, homeopathy offers many wonderful reliable and effective treatments, similar to naturopathic and other natural healing modalities. Healing of an acute complaint sets in fast and can be over with between a day and 2 weeks.


Most of the patients, however, who seek a homeopathic treatment come for long-standing health complaints, which are recurrent and chronic. The approach to healing needs then to involve the deeper levels of the individual. The grander picture of the disease aetiology as well as the personality traits, constitution and vitality of a patient need to be considered for a successful treatment. Homeopathy is uniquely equipped to address complex and long-standing health concerns with ease and effectiveness. 


Read more on the three levels of healing homeopathic treatments can achieve.

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