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More on Homeopathy

Homeopathy is an inexpensive, effective, holistic and natural system of health care that has cured millions of people worldwide of acute and chronic conditions for over 200 years.


Investigations and experimentation by Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), a German physician and chemist, lead to the emergence of Homoeopathy which is based on the ancient Law of Similars and the practice of potentizing medicines.  Read more...


Since its inception in the 1800s in Europe and its subsequent introduction into the USA, Homoeopathy has grown and is a well established leading alternative health care system worldwide. Even in South East Asia, just in India alone, it has been found that over 100 million people depend solely on Homoeopathy as their only form of medical care. Read more...


Key to successful homeopathic treatment are remedies that by nature largely differ from modern medicine. Homeopathy acknowledges that the innate capacity for self-healing constitutes our very essence. An imbalance or lack of vital energy leads to obstruction in health. By virtue of the specific and unique way by which homeopathic remedies are created, a refinement is achieved that allows the remedies to directly access and nudge the vital energy into healing in the safest, most rapid, caring and gentle manner. 

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