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Is Chronic Lyme Disease Curable? A Patient Case.

A case of Chronic Lyme Disease treated with homeopathic remedies:

Case-taking as practiced at Classical Homeopathy Ottawa

This article is the summary of a case published in Spectrum of Homeopathy No.3/ 2015 by Riefer, M.W.

Lyme Disease is a tick-borne infection caused by the spirochete Borrelia. Lyme Disease can become chronic and remain undetected for a long time. Many people wonder: is chronic Lyme Disease curable?


The early stages of Lyme Disease are marked by typical symptoms. At this stage antibiotics can successfully contain and eliminate the Borrelia infection. In cases where antibiotic treatments have failed or delivered partial results, patients can develop unspecific symptoms that are summarized as Post Lyme syndrome.

The symptoms in Post Lyme syndrome have commonalities with other chronic diseases such as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Fortunately homeopathic and naturopathic remedies can work synergistically to strengthen the immune system and boost vitality in such a way that patients can overcome their health problems.

The deep acting impact of homeopathic treatments allow for vibrant health, a positive outlook on life and balanced self confidence. Many patients have been helped this way and the following case is just one example.

Lyme Disease Treated with Homeopathy

A 55 year old woman comes to the clinic with fatigue, lack of confidence and the inability to handle every day's life challenges.

Having handed over her life to her mother in her formative years and later to her husband, she admits feeling incapable of caring for herself. She lacks trust and the self-confidence to the degree of despair. As a result of her helplessness, she feels disappointed in her marriage, "controlled by others, exploited and sucked dry."

“I always need firm ground under my feet, otherwise I am afraid of being left hanging in the air or go crashing down. I’ve no basic trust. I have strong existential fears. I couldn’t take care of myself alone and financially support myself. I’ve got a real fear of starving. I can’t survive on my own."

The patient carries on telling that her weak boundaries invite family members to impose their will onto her without her being able to defend her own needs.

As to her physical complaints she describes how her symptoms come in phases and flood her system like poison. In these times she feels the need to rest, retreat and do nothing at all.

She notices her dependence and helplessness which in this stage becomes unbearable. Her symptoms range form shoulder pain, joint problems in wrists, knees and hips to the point where the pain makes her scream.

Added symptoms are digestive problems, candida infection, tinnitus, dislike of milk and pronounced sensitivity to cold.

Gradual Healing

The practitioner finds her Similimum, which is the homeopathic remedy best suited to her individual symptoms. In this case the Similimum turns out to be Lac Humanum 200C - Mother's milk potentised. The Milk theme becomes evident in the lack of care from her mother in her formative years, the need to serve her mother to an excessive extent and the fear of being "sucked dry". The patient receives treatment over a period of 1 year and 8 months with several doses and potencies of the same remedy. The patient gradually heals from her physical symptoms of pain, digestive issues and yeast infection. But this is not all.

She also gains psychological strength that allows for a fuller insight into her life situation. With the acquisition of more willpower, the patient claims her life back. She learns to meet her own needs and those of her family in a balanced way.

This is one of many cases that homeopaths solve on a regular basis. Every health condition is different from one another and demands individualized treatment. Every Lyme disease case requires its specific individual remedy. Insight and understanding of every case ultimately unravels the remedy needed to treat chronic Lyme Disease, which offers hope when all other approaches fail to cure.

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