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A case of High Blood pressure and its treatment with homeopathic remedies Case

An air force officer approached me asking for treatment for his elevated Blood pressure which had been growing worse over the last 4 years. As a meteorologist he was responsible for the weather forecast at the military airport and with his recent job transition to air traffic control the workload and pressure added even more strain to his already tense job situation. In fact he was substituting for colleagues who under much pressure of air traffic control were in prolonged medical treatment. For 2 years he had been taking 4 mg Perindopril daily and on recent examination his doctor recommended to increase the dosage in order to stabilize his BP. The patient was otherwise healthy. The daily intake of Barium carbonicum, a potentized and diluted form of the crude substance stabilized the blood pressure. After four weeks of treatment the patient went off his Blood pressure medication and has not needed it since. 📷

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