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Vertigo treated naturally to subside within minutes

Homeopathy offers a wide range of natural medicine for the treatment of Vertigo.


An elderly man approached me for the sudden onset of dizziness that he experienced when turning his head upwards or moving side to side. This happened early in the morning after a good night sleep and continued throughout the day. He felt nauseous and needed to hold onto something while standing urging him to contact me for help. No triggers were noticed except for the head movement. Fifteen years ago this patient had strong episodes of vertigo that led to vomiting.

I did a quick repertorisation with 2 rubrics and found Bryonia indicated, a remedy that was listed among the few curative homeopathic remedies in the current Corona virus pandemie. It seemed a good choice. Indeed a single dose of Bryonia 30 C relieved this patient from vertigo within 30 minutes.

Why Bryonia?

As a member of the Gourd family Bryonia addresses themes of money, abundance and scarcity. Tension arising from the thoughts and concerns about money can cause symptoms that may successfully be treated with Bryonia. The Covid-19 pandemie has so far caused devastating disruptions in the financial and economic sector leading to the dissolution of wealth and security while leaving many in shock and concern for their livelihood.

In such times Bryonia proves to be an invaluable remedy for many complaints arising besides fever and chest pain.

Find a homeopath for the best personalized prescription.

Visit me at Classical Homeopathy Ottawa to see what homeopathy can do for you.

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