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Post Lyme Syndrome & Homeopathy

In Lyme Disease, the initial infection can often go unnoticed and untreated. This leads to a chronic and persistent state of unwell being called Post Lyme Syndrome. This disease is hard to treat in conventional medicine because the body's innate healing mechanism is often compromised. This article presents how homeopathic treatment boosts the body innate healing mechanism, which is the key to healing from chronic illnesses such as Post-Lyme Syndrome.


From an Initial Infection to Chronic Disease

The acute stage of many infections such as Lyme Disease can often be successfully eradicated with antibiotics. But what happens to patients who either do not seek a doctor in the first stage of infection or in whom Borrelia, the bacteria responsible for Lyme Disease, remains undetected?

Unfortunately Borrelia will stay in the body system, disseminate and slowly cause deterioration of vitality and physical health. Without treatment, the body is often incapable of defeating Borrelia as it can form clusters with other pathogens and form a chronic state of disease called Post Lyme Syndrome. This syndrome is in large part difficult to differentiate from other chronic diseases such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Alzheimer’s or Lou Gehrig’s disease. On the cellular level mitochondria, the cell's powerhouse have been noticed to be impaired.

Symptoms can be vague and can include extreme fatigue, weakness, numbness, and pain. Treatment is often limited to long term management of symptoms with conventional and even natural medicine.

Boosting your Innate Healing Mechanism is the Key

But there are other solutions for patients suffering from Post Lyme Syndrome. Homeopathic treatments usually act as a powerful complement to conventional medicine and are uniquely suited to bring a patient back to health. They do not interact with conventional medication and are therefore safe to take in combination with it.

Our bodies are naturally endowed with an innate healing capacity that maintains balance and vitality. But what if our body's innate healing energy is compromised as an effect of life's continuous challenges?

In chronic disease our healing capacity has diminished to a degree where the body is unable to summon the energy to reset and rebalance by itself. The body’s defenses are weakened and stealth infections as well as cellular dysfunctions may lead to yeast overgrowth, fatty liver and organ toxicity, experienced as inflammation, pain, fatigue, muscle weakness, brain fog and memory loss.

So what we need here is a solution that will help boost our body's defense mechanism and inner healing capacity with optimal diet, lifestyle and supplements but also homeopathy to target the root cause and the susceptibility for developing such disease.

Homeopathy Treats Your Body's Innate Healing Mechanism

Homeopathy has a worldwide 200-year track record that shows that it can act as a powerful catalyst to remove the deep causes of illness. It is one of the most popular forms of natural medicine worldwide and is used by many prominent people including the British Royal Family. Homeopaths do not manage symptoms but rather find the natural remedy that resonates and interacts with your body's innate healing mechanism.

With good homeopathic treatment, you will notice that your sleep deepens and you wake up more refreshed. You will notice that you have more energy and vitality during the day time and that you become less bothered by the things that used to stress you out. Over time, this will help your body to re-establish its balance and resolve the chronic and persistent symptoms that have been bothering you.

Powerful Medicine

What makes homeopathic remedies so unique and effective is their inherent subtle nature that enable them to reach deep into the subtle cause of most chronic diseases and remove the proclivity to develop a certain disease. Homeopathic remedies work well alone by themselves or in tandem with conventional or naturopathic medicine. We believe in synergy and team work: life’s ideal model for co-creation can be translated into ideal approaches for healing.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach.

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