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Chronic painless diarrhea solved with a few doses of homeopathic Sulfur

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Homeopathic remedies offer safe treatments for chronic complaints


A middle aged woman asked me for help in a 6 months long condition of diarrhea that failed treatment with conventional medicine. Though there was no pain or cramps involved, much gas developed and the indigestion grew worse over time, especially

after eating leaf vegetable, spicy food and milk. Egg and salt however made her feel better. She is a quite healthy woman and mother of two children. As a child she was very shy. In summer and during heat not only her indigestion grew worse, but she also developed an allergic sneezing.

She had recently returned from a beach vacation during which she developed a sensitivity to sun light. Her skin started to itch and scratching left visible marks on her skin for longer than normal. Under the umbrella the skin however remained unaffected.

I first prescribed Calcium carbonicum after which she enjoyed better sleep and better overall energy, but the loose motion was only ameliorated a bit. The first dose of Sulfur 30 C however, changed her digestion for the better and it took only a few doses to fully heal the diarrhea as well as the skin problems.

It often takes a few different remedies to fully address the health issue at hand.

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