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Homeopathy as frequency medicine

                       The effectiveness of homeopathic remedies is based on two basic principles: frequency and correspondence.

In holistic understanding, the physical body is nourished and maintained by a non-physical substance, which we can call the vital body. The vital body stores all of life's experiences. Expansive and life-supporting thoughts, actions, and feelings strengthen the vital body, while trauma and lower vibrational sensory input weaken it, resulting in discomfort and disease.

Holistic homeopathic remedies are designed to reach this immaterial vital energy body. Homeopathic medicine is highly potentized, meaning that from the original medicine substance derived from a plant, mineral, or animal, only the essence is preserved and augmented. This essence or information is the acting principle. In effect, homeopathic remedies are carriers of information, vibration, or frequency.


But how does the healing frequency reach the imbalance in the vital body? Any imbalance will have a signature frequency that expresses itself as certain beliefs, behaviors, and reactivity in daily life. During a consultation, a homeopath aims to detect this signature frequency and matches it with a homeopathic medicine that has a similar frequency. By mirroring or reflecting back this signature frequency, the imbalance is raised into a higher vibrational state of balance and harmony. This is a principle we can often experience even without homeopathic remedies. There are countless records of people suffering from depression and hopelessness who have been healed after experiencing difficult life challenges that awakened deep gratitude and love for life.

For demonstrations on how frequencies shape physicality, please refer to the works of Professor Masaru Emoto, where he demonstrated how chaotic vibrations can be lifted into harmony, balance, and beauty with higher vibrational words or thoughts. Similarly, you can refer to cymatics, the study of audio frequencies shaping patterns.

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