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Patient Consent 

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Dear Patients,  welcome to my practice. 


I am a holistic health care practitioner, specialized in Homeopathy and registered with the College of Homeopaths of Ontario. As a homeopath my goal is to provide you with a treatments that will aid you in healing and strengthening your immune system while promoting your overall sense of well being.

The purpose of a homeopathic consultation lies in selecting the most suitable remedy that is tailored to your individual needs. This will activate your innate healing powers, thereby enhancing vitality and balance on all three levels of your being, the physical, the mental and emotional level.



What to expect during your consultation:


The initial consultation lasts for 1-2hrs during which I will learn about the factors and circumstances relating to your health condition. 

Homeopathy is a holistic medicine system and health issues that occur on the physical level are often reflected on the mental -emotional level. During our discussion I will ask questions directly related to the complaint as well as questions concerning your fears, dreams, aversions, likings and eventually personal history. Understanding you deeply is very helpful in finding the silver lining that leads to a good prescription. However, a good prescription can also be given in acute cases without much personal information.

Usually I will take some time (a few minutes or hours) to analyze the given data, which will allow me to recommend a suitable treatment plan tailored to your needs.

All of your data and personal as well as medical information will remain strictly confidential and secured in a web based software. 



Homeopathic remedies:


Contrary to conventional pharmaceuticals, homeopathic remedies are not considered prescription drugs in Canada. They can be obtained over the counter in many pharmacies and health food stores. Derived from substances in our environment homeopathic remedies are highly diluted and potentised, therefore are safe to take. In potencies higher than 30C no physical molecule of the original substance can be detected, but most importantly its vital essence or information is retained and multiplied. This essence or information of the original substance is able to reach the more subtle layers of your being, where imbalance and illness are usually rooted. This subtle nature accounts for the uniqueness of homeopathic remedies and their capacity to bring about healing on a very deep level.

Homeopathic remedies are prepared under strict guidelines and are compounded following the rules outlined by the College of Homeopaths of Ontario.


Patient role and expectations:


Please advise me of any changes to your health and bring any concerns you may have about the treatment to my attention. Fees for my services are payable after your appointment, whether it be an in-person appointment, a telephone or an online appointment. Classical Homeopathy only accepts payment in cash or by e-transfer.

Homeopathy is not covered under OHIP, yet expenses may be covered  by some private insurance plans.

Please notify me of any cancellations within 24 hrs of the appointment.


The fee schedule is as follows with telephone and online consultations being billed at the same rates:


  • 60 min consultation: 144 CAD

  • 30 min consultation:   72 CAD

  • 15 min consultation:   36 CAD

  • Homeopathic remedy - 1 bottle : 10 CAD



Homeopathy Service Agreement


I, __________________________________________ acknowledge having read and understood the 

                       [ Your name ]

contents of this document. I consent to receiving homeopathic care from Kerstin Jarecki-Khan for myself or the person for whom I am the legal Guardian or Substitute Decision Maker. Write the Patient’s name her if you are the legal Guardian or Substitute Decision Maker:




                           [patient name]


I understand that I can withdraw my consent at any time. I also understand that Kerstin Jarecki-Khan does not recommend that any patient discontinue medication prescribed by a medical doctor without prior consultation with her/his doctor.


I acknowledge that personal information collected here is treated as confidential and private

and will not be shared with a third party outside of the Clinic without my consent, unless

ordered to in writing by a judge, or unless required by law; i.e. if a client discloses to a

practitioner that he or she is at significant risk of harming him/herself or others.






Thanks for submitting!

Let’s Work Together

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